May 24, 2024 1:52 am
Panasonic and Mazda Unveil Cutting-Edge Display Technology in the CX-70 – Display Daily

The Mazda CX-70 has been equipped with full-display meters that are powered by Panasonic Automotive Systems. This makes it the third Mazda passenger vehicle to adopt this technology. The system boasts a 12.3-inch display that displays vehicle condition graphics like speed and warnings, which adjust in real-time to provide drivers with relevant information.

The full-display meters in the Mazda CX-70 have been designed for premium vehicles and utilize advanced graphics technology developed by Panasonic for multimedia and in-vehicle navigation. The result is clear 3D graphics that present information in a user-friendly manner, making it easy for drivers to comprehend and recognize.

One of the key features of the product is its high-definition displays that offer 3D stereoscopic images with a sense of depth. This functionality aims to deliver comprehensive information to drivers while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the vehicle’s interior. Additionally, the system allows for seamless transitions between different screen modes based on the driving scenario, including Sport Mode, EV Mode, and a Driving Assist System Information Screen.

Overall, the integration of full-display meters into the Mazda CX-70 marks a significant step forward in automotive technology, providing drivers with an enhanced driving experience while also improving safety on the road.

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