June 2, 2023 2:41 pm

A Butte enterprise owner is speaking out more than a permit charge she considers to be an excessive burden on compact companies.

Carrie Fisher owns the Taco Del Sol and Pita Pit on the corner of Park and Montana Streets, and she says the city-county desires her to spend $700 annually for a permit to have a handful of chairs and tables on the sidewalk outdoors her enterprise.

The neighborhood government cited an ordinance that was not too long ago revised through the pandemic. Its title pertains to parklets and pedlets, each of which go all the way to the curb or even into the street.

Fisher says it is nonetheless vital for sidewalk seating to go by means of a permitting approach to make certain, for instance, that ADA accessibility is maintained, but she says a $700 annual charge is unreasonable.

She developed a petition requesting the Council of Commissioners appear more than the concern and locate a commonsense resolution. It is currently been signed by dozens of residents.

“I’ve received so a lot help from other enterprise owners, simply because I contacted everyone that had tables and chairs and produced them conscious of what was going on. So they want to make confident that this gets corrected. Simply because this is a citywide ordinance, it is not just an Uptown Butte ordinance,” stated Fisher.

Fisher says other towns in the state charge anyplace from $20 to $50 for a sidewalk seating permit.

We’ll continue following this story and will preserve you updated.