June 10, 2023 1:27 am

SARATOGA SPRINGS — B&ampB Plumbing and Heating celebrated a big milestone on Thursday, marking 25 years of organization with a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce.

B&ampB is a locally-owned plumbing, heating, and cooling firm primarily based in Saratoga Springs. Co-owner B.J. Kozlowski emphasized the company’s neighborhood roots, saying it is meaningful to be recognized by the neighborhood. 

“The entire start out of B&ampB was that a neighborhood firm could serve a neighborhood town,” stated Kozlowski. “I feel we’re carrying out that, and it is getting reflected in the folks that showed up currently.”

Saratoga Springs Commi-ssioner of Finance Minita Sangvhi was in attendance, along with Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce vice president of communications Richard Snyder, and representatives from the offices of Senator Jim Tedisco and Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner.

Members of the Bill Benton Foundation have been also on hand. Benton was one particular of the founders of B&ampB, and passed away in 2021. The Bill Benton Foundation is a non-profit group founded in his memory to aid men and women in the trades with points such as tuition, tools, certifications, and licenses, according to their web site.

Sangvhi spoke, introducing a proclamation from the city declaring May perhaps 18 to be ‘B&ampB Plumbing Day.’

“You’ve got a phenomenal crew, and you guys have been carrying out unbelievable function,” stated Sanghvi. “This is seriously the crucial of our neighborhood, the modest organizations, top quality service that keeps our city and our neighborhood operating and humming along. So we appreciate all that you guys do right here.”

B&ampB was founded in 1998 by Sonny Bonacio and Benton. Kozlowski joined the firm in 2012, and currently is a co-owner with Bonacio.

“This signifies a lot to me, a lot to Sonny, a lot to all of our workers,” stated Kozlowski. “We’ve strived seriously really hard to get right here. … We’ve gone by means of some heartbreak in the previous couple of years, but our objective is to hang in robust, and I feel we’re carrying out that fairly effectively. This is a massive milestone for us.”

Kozlowski stated he started operating in the market at age 16, and his encounter because has “gone beyond what I could ever visualize.”

“Joining a partnership with Sonny and Billy was just an unbelievable chance,” stated Kozlowski. “This is all I’ve ever completed, this is all I ever want to do. I enjoy what I do each day. That is what’s going to aid hold us right here, I feel.”

B&ampB Plumbing is positioned at 25 Station Avenue, Unit A in Saratoga Springs.

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