June 10, 2023 12:31 am

Tesla is taking delivery of an additional of the world’s biggest press at Gigafactory Texas, and it is once more anticipated to be utilized for Cybertruck production.

Final year, Idra, the maker of Tesla’s significant casting press, teased a new 9,000-ton Giga Press that would take the prize as the biggest in the globe. Thinking about Tesla’s partnership with Idra, it was rumored that the new machine would be for the automaker.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has since confirmed that the machine is going to be utilized for the Cybertruck body at Gigafactory Texas.

Tesla’s investment in bigger cast components has been particularly productive so far. The automaker managed to produce the Model Y with a single rear physique piece that replaced 70 distinctive components in the car, and it is performing the very same with the front underbody. This tremendously simplifies the manufacturing method and reduces fees.

Following the good results of the integration of significant casting technologies, various other automakers are reportedly seeking to adhere to in Tesla’s footsteps. Idra reported final year that half a dozen other automakers are presently in talks to adopt the technologies, but it could take years prior to they can integrate it into any car applications.

But as for Tesla, the automaker is currently moving into a wider integration of the technologies, which includes with the Cybertruck, which is going to have even bigger single-casting components.

In January, Tesla was spotted taking delivery of the enormous 9-ton casting press, the largest 1 in the globe. More than the final couple of months considering the fact that the delivery, Idra has been teasing the preparation for the shipment of an additional 9-ton press and certainly, Tesla was rumored to once more be the client.

These days, we can confirm that the new press is certainly for Tesla and that it has arrived in Texas. Cybertruck Forum user Greggrtruck located the bill of lading that confirms Tesla is the client and that it has arrived at the port of Houston:

The new Giga Press is bound for Gigafactory Texas in Austin. As soon as it is installed, Tesla is going to have the two biggest presses in the globe. They are each anticipated to be utilized for Cybertruck production. The automaker also has a couple of six-ton Giga Press units for Model Y production at the very same factory.

Tesla aims to get started Cybertruck production this summer time, but volume production is not anticipated till 2024. At this point, it is not clear if each 9-ton Giga Press are going to be required for the get started of production or if the second 1 is meant to be utilized to reach larger volumes.

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