May 19, 2024 11:02 pm
Technology Demonstrated to Assist First Responders in Disaster Situations

In Tulsa, first responders are being introduced to new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way they save lives. A demonstration at OSU Tulsa showcased the use of drones and robotic dogs in emergency response scenarios. The Tulsa Fire Department is already utilizing drones and robots, but the constantly evolving capabilities of this technology mean that first responders must be prepared for what could become the standard in emergency response.

During the demonstration, a drone slowly descended from the sky carrying important cargo while a dog-like robot stood by to pick it up. Dr. Jamey Jacob explained that they were showcasing how an emergency blood delivery from a hospital to the field could be carried out. The process involved a team of drone pilots and robot experts, but the ultimate goal is to make the process entirely automated.

Dr. Jacob emphasized the importance of first responders having access to these tools in their toolkit, highlighting the significance of pushing technology forward in Tulsa. Gabriel Graveline, a 17-year firefighter with over a decade of experience using similar technology, shared his belief in its potential to enhance the resources available to first responders in a variety of emergency situations. He expressed his excitement about how this technology can improve response times and ultimately save more lives.

The Tulsa Fire Department is currently developing a program that would enable drones to autonomously respond to scenes ahead of fire crews, providing crucial information about what to expect. This proactive use of technology is seen as a significant step forward in improving emergency response capabilities and ultimately saving lives.

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