May 24, 2024 1:40 am
PumpMan NorCal and World Pumps team up to introduce smart irrigation technology to California farmers

PumpMan NorCal, a leading provider of maintenance, repair, and replacement services for water and wastewater pumping systems in Northern California, has announced a partnership with Lumo, a smart irrigation technology company. This collaboration will bring Lumo’s innovative products to farmers in the region and provide comprehensive solutions for efficient water management.

Lumo offers two cutting-edge products: Lumo One, a smart irrigation valve that allows growers to precisely monitor and control the amount of water applied to their crops, and Ops Center, software for irrigation management that provides real-time data on water usage. These products help reduce labor costs, minimize water wastage, and eliminate irrigation uncertainty.

Under the partnership agreement, PumpMan NorCal will be responsible for stocking, promoting, demonstrating, installing, and servicing Lumo One in all irrigation systems within the region. PumpMan NorCal’s general manager Jason Smith expressed his excitement about the partnership with Lumo and praised the company’s innovative technology. He emphasized the importance of efficient distribution in agriculture and how this partnership will help set a new standard in water management.

Lumo’s CEO Devon Wright also expressed excitement about the collaboration with PumpMan NorCal and highlighted the shared commitment to advancing water conservation in agriculture. He stated that this partnership is expected to deliver significant value to growers while promoting sustainability in the environment.

The collaboration between these two companies aims to revolutionize agricultural water management by combining cutting-edge irrigation solutions with extensive service capabilities and distribution networks. With this partnership, farmers in Northern California can now access comprehensive solutions for efficient water management that will help them save money while protecting the environment.

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