May 24, 2024 1:16 am
Report: Mark Zuckerberg personally reaching out to Google employees for recruiting

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, is making a concerted effort to hire top talent in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). According to The Information, Zuckerberg has been reaching out to AI researchers from Google’s DeepMind with personal emails in an attempt to entice them to join Meta. In some cases, job offers have been extended without the need for interviews.

Zuckerberg’s recruitment efforts seem to be part of a larger strategy to make Meta a leading player in the AI space. The company has ambitious plans to expand its use of cutting-edge technology, such as acquiring more than 340,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs by the end of 2024. These powerful chips are essential for training and deploying AI models.

Meta has been taking steps to set itself apart from competitors like OpenAI by embracing an open-source approach to AI development. The company recently released an open-source AI model called Llama 2. Zuckerberg has made it clear that AI will be a top investment priority for Meta in the coming years, with a focus on both engineering and compute resources.

Despite these efforts, representatives for Meta have not commented on their recruitment strategy or future plans. But it’s clear that Zuckerberg is committed to making Meta a leader in the AI industry by attracting top talent and investing heavily in cutting-edge technology.

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