May 22, 2024 5:45 pm
Visit from Science Author and Educator at Glenmont

Last week, students at Glenmont Elementary School were given the chance to hear from science author and educator Dr. Jodi Wheeler-Toppen. She presented two different presentations, one for kindergarten through second-grade students and the other for third through fifth-grade students.

For the younger students, Dr. Wheeler-Toppen presented “How a Worm Wiggled into a Book,” which focused on earthworm anatomy and the importance of revision in writing. The students had the opportunity to interact with live worms and ask investigative questions to deepen their understanding of earthworm science.

Meanwhile, for the older students, Dr. Wheeler-Toppen presented “Purr-fect Research is so Dog-gone Fun!” During this presentation, she highlighted the research process involved in nonfiction writing using examples from her book Dog and Cat Science Unleashed! She encouraged students to use a research cycle strategy to effectively gather information and become successful writers.

The success of this event was due in large part to the efforts of Dr. Jodi Wheeler-Toppen, Glenmont Library Media Specialist Angela Datri, and the Glenmont PTA. The students were thrilled to have this special opportunity to learn from a science expert and gain valuable insights into writing and research processes.

Overall, last week’s event was a huge success for Glenmont Elementary School’s students as they gained a deeper understanding of science through interactive presentations by Dr. Jodi Wheeler-Toppen.

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