September 27, 2023 12:40 am
Expedia for health care? New Colorado law to create more transparency around hospital prices

The cost of overall health care is one particular of the greatest-kept secrets in the nation. But that could quickly alter in Colorado.

Two and a half years soon after the federal government ordered hospitals to post their costs in straightforward-to-study formats, the state is performing what federal regulators have failed to do, which is enforce the policy.

A bipartisan new law makes it possible for Colorado’s Lawyer Basic to go soon after hospitals that never comply. Failure to post costs would be a deceptive trade practice and carry a fine of $20,000 per violation.

Cynthia Fisher, founder of Patient Rights says the law is the toughest in the nation and will be a national model.

She says overall health care is the only market exactly where we acquire goods and solutions and obtain out later how a lot they expense. 

“As extended as hospitals and insurance coverage corporations can hide their costs, they can charge what ever they want,” she mentioned. 

Proper now, she says an MRI can run from $300 to $three,000 and C-sections from $six,000 to $60,000.


“We’re seeing even drug costs inside the very same hospital be ten instances distinct,” she mentioned. 

In 2021, Fisher was element of a group that convinced the Trump administration to enact a federal rule that expected all hospitals to post their costs for each process by each payer and each program in an straightforward-to-study format. 

Two and a half years later, she says, only 25% of hospitals nationwide and 18% in Colorado are complying. In spite of their defiance, she says, federal regulators have only fined 4 hospitals.

The State of Colorado is now stepping-in.

Gov. Jared Polis signed a law that directs the Division of Well being Care Policy and Financing to track compliance and refer these in violation to the lawyer common.

“Individuals have the appropriate to know precisely how a lot issues expense and have the capability to truly shop about beforehand, rather than just get mysterious bills in the mail soon after the reality,” Polis mentioned. 

Kim Bimestefer, Executive Director of Well being Care Policy and Financing, says the new law will develop competitors in overall health care and save Coloradans revenue. 

“At the finish of each cost a hospital charges is a customer, or a household, or an employer, or a municipality, or a taxpayer paying these costs. So, this is a game changer,” she mentioned. 

Fisher says Colorado will quickly turn out to be the initially location in the nation exactly where you can go on the web and shop for overall health care like you do something else.

“It signifies that for the initially time, we’re going to be in a position to be in the driver’s seat to truly know costs and drive down the expense of care,” Fisher mentioned. 

She says tech corporations are prepared to aggregate the information as quickly as its posted and develop a internet site like Expedia for overall health care, exactly where you can search for knee surgery, for instance, in Denver, on Friday, and get a list of selections. 

Shaun Boyd

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