April 23, 2024 2:51 pm
Sheboygan’s Young Entrepreneur’s Candy Business Gaining Recognition

11-year-old Truman McNitt has made a name for himself statewide as the youngest finalist in a Junior Achievement Young Entrepreneur Competition. His journey began when his mom bought a cotton candy maker for fun, which sparked an idea to start selling cotton candy.

McNitt now offers a wide variety of cotton candy flavors and even live-spins it at events. He has named his enterprise Sugar Twist Trinkets. Despite his young age, McNitt takes his business seriously, acknowledging the responsibility that comes with being an 11-year-old business owner.

His mom, Caitlin Brotz-McNitt, plays a supportive role in her son’s business venture, providing guidance, encouragement, and a retail space in her store Olivü in downtown Sheboygan. Alongside cotton candy, McNitt also sells toy slime and freeze-dried candy. The latter he finds to have a light and crispy texture thanks to the freeze-drying process.

An expert in all things candy, McNitt enjoys sampling new products and experimenting with different flavors. He finds joy in creating cotton candy and freeze-dried candy while running his business. In addition to selling his products at his mom’s store, he also has an online presence where customers can purchase his sweet treats.

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