April 14, 2024 2:50 pm
Governor Gordon’s Response to PacifiCorp’s Carbon Capture Technology Installation Plan at Jim Bridger Power Plant

PacifiCorp, the state’s largest utility, has recently submitted an updated Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) for 2023. The IRP outlines the direction for how the company plans to source its energy for the next two decades. The Wyoming Public Service Commission will review the IRP, which includes the installation of carbon capture technology on coal-fired units 3 and 4 at the Jim Bridger Power Plant in Sweetwater County.

Governor Mark Gordon has responded to the announcement by highlighting the shift in direction from previous IRPs. In the past, plans aimed at the elimination of coal-fired power plants. However, new legislation requires a good faith effort to be made to sell coal units before closing them. Additionally, regulated utilities are now required to evaluate the use of carbon capture technology to meet lower CO2 standards mandated by federal regulations and consumer preferences.

While IRPs are subject to change, the selection of carbon capture as the preferred portfolio for Jim Bridger Power Plant Units 3 & 4 represents an important shift toward producing 24-hour dispatchable power. This change is seen as economically beneficial and a win for Wyoming, consumers, and PacifiCorp’s customers.

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