April 20, 2024 5:26 am
Stock market report for April 3: Declining stocks

This week, the VN-Index dropped by nearly 16 points as red dominated the board, with all 30 blue-chip codes closing below reference. The electricity sector was particularly affected during the trading session, with the market opening below reference and struggling throughout the morning. Despite selling pressure from investors, stock holders did not drastically lower prices, while buyers were only listing at low price ranges.

In the afternoon session, the market saw a slight recovery near reference before 2:00 p.m. However, selling pressure increased sharply in the middle of the afternoon, causing many stocks to retreat and leading to a decrease in the VN-Index by over 10 points. Selling pressure continued until the close, with the VN-Index falling 15.57 points to 1,271.47 points, while the VN30-Index lost over 18 points.

Market liquidity remained high, with transaction value on HoSE exceeding 27,400 billion VND. In the large capitalization group, many blue-chip stocks closed below reference, with notable declines in banking and consumer goods sectors. Notable decreases were seen in stocks like GVR and CTG. In contrast, some stocks in the steel sector remained in green despite red dominating throughout the day.

Some stocks like those of Vingroup group only lost a small percentage of market price. Red also dominated in mid-cap group particularly in real estate and construction sectors where some stocks remained green like those of fertilizer industry or oil and gas companies but seafood sector also experienced growth despite other sectors’ decline .

Overall, this was a challenging session for Vietnam’s stock market as red dominated and many blue-chip stocks closed below reference while still maintaining high liquidity levels across various sectors such as banking and consumer goods industries faced significant declines while others such as steel sector managed to remain stable despite overall market trend towards red color domination

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