May 21, 2024 1:50 pm
Kamala Harris, the Vice President, discusses economy, housing, and student loan debt in Milwaukee

During her recent visit to Milwaukee as part of her Economic Opportunity Tour, Vice President Kamala Harris emphasized the struggles many Americans face in paying bills due to debt. She highlighted that medical debt will no longer be included in credit scores and over $150 billion of student loan debt has been forgiven for four million Americans.

To address these challenges, Harris announced initiatives to provide financial literacy information and assistance with applying for loans, as well as eligibility for small business loans for individuals with prior criminal convictions. Additionally, $40 million in awards were announced for housing counseling agencies to expand services around the country, including $300,000 in new funding for Wisconsin.

The Vice President’s goal with the Economic Opportunity Tour is to showcase how the administration is working to level the playing field and provide economic opportunities for all. After her visit to Milwaukee, she traveled to Chicago before returning to Washington D.C.

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