May 22, 2024 5:05 pm
Maduro dismisses opponents as mere pawns in US politics

Venezuela is facing an upcoming presidential election on July 28, with Nicolás Maduro as the candidate representing Chavismo. In recent years, Maduro has accused the leaders of the opposition of being pawns in a game orchestrated by the United States to take control of Venezuela. He claims that they are seeking to destabilize the country through violence and other means.

Maduro’s criticism of the opposition highlights their calls for sanctions, blockades, and even invasion of their own country over the past five years. He believes they are embodying a failed past and lack of hope for the future. In response to these accusations, the Venezuelan regime has announced the creation of a commission to draft a bill against fascism and neo-fascist expressions in politics and national life.

Despite facing obstacles in registering their candidate, historian Yoris has requested an extension for the nomination period to rectify violations that occurred during the process. Several Latin American countries have signed a statement urging Venezuela to allow Yoris to register and express concerns about transparency in the upcoming electoral process.

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