February 27, 2024 10:32 am
Kindergarteners at Johnson Elementary receive global love and support

Students and staff at Johnson Elementary School in Rockford, Illinois were thrilled to celebrate a special Valentine’s Day thanks to the school’s kindergarten teacher, Kaitlyn Graham. In January, Kaitlyn started a mission called “Hearts Around The World” by posting on Facebook requesting people to send valentines to the school.

On February 13th, students and staff gathered to share the progress of their mission to collect valentines. As they opened cards, photos, special gifts and postcards from new friends and family across 13 countries and 48 states, excitement filled the air. Tina Szymanski, another teacher at the school was overwhelmed by the feedback and support received for the project. She described it as a group effort that has been exciting to watch as students eagerly opened their valentines, especially since many of them were from their own families, making it extra special.

The teachers at Johnson Elementary created a map in the kindergarten hallway to track the origin of the valentines and placed heart stickers on the state or country from where they were sent. Staff members shared that they were still waiting for valentines from two states – Rhode Island and Oklahoma before Valentine’s Day. Despite this delay, the heartwarming project brought joy and excitement to students at Johnson Elementary School making their celebration extra special.

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