April 23, 2024 3:20 pm
The Influence of Umbrellas on Creative Philosophy in Sports

The live graphics industry has been revolutionized by Unreal Engine, a 3D computer graphics game engine that has opened up new possibilities and challenged traditional thinking in the field. In a roundtable discussion, industry leaders analyze the game-changing influence of Unreal Engine on imagination and creativity within sports graphics.

The discussion features Komal Bhukhanwala, CBS Sports Senior Art Director, Arturo Brena, KéexFrame Founder and CEO, and Barton Damer, Already Been Chewed Founding Artist, Creative Director, and Owner. Moderated by JP LoMonaco, CBS Sports VP of On-Air Graphics and Design, the conversation delves into how Unreal Engine is redefining creative boundaries and shaping the core of creative thought for professionals in the sports graphics field.

Unreal Engine has had a significant impact on the creative philosophy of sports-graphics designers. With its ability to create realistic visuals and seamless animation, it has opened up new possibilities for creating immersive experiences that engage viewers in ways never before possible. The game engine’s technology has challenged traditional thinking about what is possible with 2D graphics and pushed designers to push their limits when creating engaging visual content.

The discussion highlights how Unreal Engine has influenced imagination and creativity within sports graphics. The panelists discuss how the game engine’s technology allows for more freedom in designing visually stunning experiences that are both visually impressive and emotionally engaging for viewers. They also talk about how Unreal Engine’s ability to create interactive elements adds an extra layer of engagement that can help sports broadcasters stand out from their competitors.

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