February 24, 2024 11:54 am
World Championship Trail Runner Tests Positive for Banned Substances

The world of trail running was stunned when 37-year-old Stian Angermund of Norway tested positive for the banned substance chlorthalidone. This revelation has cast a shadow over his career, which has been marked by numerous victories and accolades, including the world short-course trail running championship in 2022 and 2023, as well as the Golden Trail Series in 2018 and 2021.

Angermund is adamant about his innocence and insists that he has never taken any performance-enhancing drugs or supplements. In a social media statement, he expressed his shock at the test results and emphasized that he is committed to proving his clean status. However, this quest for vindication may be challenging given the seriousness of the doping allegations against him.

The implications of this positive test have had a profound impact on Angermund’s mental health and emotional well-being. He has expressed deep sadness and sorrow at the potential loss of his career and reputation, as well as the toll that this ordeal has taken on him both personally and professionally. He has also called on caution from those who choose to believe in him or not, urging them to approach this situation with kindness and respect.

As Angermund continues to fight for clearance from suspension and an investigation into the incident, his future in trail running remains uncertain. His participation in future events is currently being evaluated, leaving many wondering if we will ever see him back on the trail again.

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