March 4, 2024 10:41 am
USA Achieves Two Gold Medals and Five Total Medals Leading the Way

The 2024 World Aquatic Championships saw the United States take home the top spot on the medal standings after a stunning performance on night two. Nic Fink and Kate Douglass both secured gold medals in their respective events, bringing the US total to five medals. Claire Curzan and Michael Andrew also contributed to the US medal count by earning two silver medals each.

Germany made history as Angelina Kohler won the women’s 100 fly, securing their first gold medal and women’s world title in 15 years. Portugal also made history with Diogo Ribeiro becoming their first World Champion by winning the men’s 50 butterfly.

As of the end of night two, Australia was still atop the medal table with 13 gold medals and 25 total. They are aiming for their first gold on night three after falling short so far.

The medal standings at the end of night two were as follows:

– USA: 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze, 5 total

– Germany: 1 gold, 0 silver, 2 bronze, 3 total

– South Korea: 1 gold,

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