April 21, 2024 11:11 pm
Museum of Science and Industry shutting down on Wednesday in order to relocate artifacts

The Museum of Science and Industry in Hyde Park unexpectedly closed on April 3 for maintenance, according to statements from the museum. The closure was due to the relocation of military artifacts from the museum’s archives. Specially trained military personnel and local officials were onsite to ensure the proper and safe removal of the artifacts.

The museum is scheduled to reopen for normal admission hours on Thursday. Ticketholders for Wednesday will be refunded or can call 773-684-1414 to reschedule their reservation. This closure allowed for the assessment and removal of the military artifacts to be conducted efficiently and safely. It is important for the museum to take necessary precautions when handling valuable and historically significant items.

The Museum of Science and Industry is a popular attraction in Hyde Park, known for its wide range of exhibits and educational programs for visitors of all ages. Its commitment to preserving and showcasing important artifacts, such as military memorabilia, is evident in its careful handling of these items during the relocation process. Visitors can look forward to exploring the museum once again after its maintenance work is complete.

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