November 30, 2023 10:17 am

Stephen Willis, who is both a captain on the rugby pitch and a pilot when he’s not leading his team in rugby sevens matches, admires Richie McCaw for his exceptional leadership and captaincy of the All Blacks. Willis also finds inspiration in McCaw’s impressive on and off-field presence, as well as his love for flying.

While Willis may have different roles in flying and rugby, he sees similarities in the challenges they both present. Both require adaptability and giving one’s best, no matter the circumstances. As a captain, Willis takes his responsibilities seriously and strives to lead by example, although he admits to being too passionate on the rugby pitch at times.

It’s no surprise that Willis looks up to Richie McCaw as his main sporting inspiration, given their shared passion for flying and their roles as leaders. McCaw’s leadership, captaincy, and overall presence on and off the field have made a lasting impression on Willis.

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