November 30, 2023 12:45 am

Ukraine’s Special Forces claim to have made the world’s longest sniper kill, with a Ukrainian soldier taking out a Russian combatant from 2.36 miles away. The unit did not provide any additional information on the date or location of the shot, but if confirmed, it would be 0.2 miles further than the generally accepted record. This latest achievement comes after another Ukrainian soldier was credited with the world’s second-longest kill in 2022, from almost 1.7 miles away from their target.

However, it is difficult to verify this claim as there is no universally recognized list of longest sniper kills and footage shared by Interfax-Ukraine appears grainy and doesn’t show enough detail to confirm the accuracy of the claim. Furthermore, there are several generally accepted contenders for the title of longest sniper kill and this new record would need to be confirmed by independent sources before it can be widely accepted as accurate.

Despite this, Ukrainian snipers have become legends in their own right since Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2014. One unit known as “The Ghosts of Bakhmut” has gained infamy for their deadly precision and skill in taking out Russian targets from great distances. Their commander, who goes by the call sign “Ghost,” claims responsibility for 113 of their 558 claimed kills, all achieved within nine months of fighting in eastern Ukraine.

Whether they are mythologized or not by the general public, it is clear that Ukrainian snipers have earned a reputation as some of the most skilled and deadly fighters in modern warfare. Despite being often glorified in popular culture and movies, these soldiers know that their work is grueling and requires immense patience and skill to achieve such feats

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