April 1, 2023 1:06 am

Hittle’s contributions to the occupational overall health nursing field are noted by the attain of her investigation dissemination, the use of such investigation by other folks in the field of sleep and occupational overall health, and the external funding she has received. She holds co-investigator status on an $eight.9 million grant and has been funded by AAOHN, CDC/NIOSH and UC.

In addition to giving sleep education and sources for use in distinct function settings, Hittle has been collaborating with other College of Nursing faculty to expand occupational overall health nursing coaching and education to the DNP system. She has co-created and teaches a combined DNP and PhD overall health care policy course and is co-building a new Total Worker Well being course for students in the nursing college and related UC occupational overall health applications.

“My vision for the profession is to develop occupational overall health nurse leaders who are agents for alter, advocating for protected function environments, worker overall health, and enhancing occupational overall health equity,” Hittle says. “OHNs need to examine how social determinants of overall health may well raise occupational dangers for workers by building, implementing, and evaluating interventions, policies and practices with a lens of overall health equity.”

Hittle was inducted as a fellow March 12, prior to joining the AAOHN National Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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