October 1, 2023 9:51 pm
UAW President: Economy Advantages Folks like Donald Trump Even though Hurting Workers’ Interests

United Auto Workers (UAW) president Shawn Fain expressed disapproval of former President Trump’s upcoming trip to Detroit amidst the union’s ongoing strike against big automakers. Fain stated that the union is completely committed to fighting against the billionaire class and an economy that prioritizes the enrichment of people like Trump more than the properly-getting of workers. The Hill has reached out to Fain and UAW for additional comment.

Even though UAW workers continue to protest and demand superior wages and positive aspects from Ford, Basic Motors, and Stellantis, Trump plans to provide a speech to existing and former union workers in Detroit as an alternative of attending the second Republican presidential major debate in September. Trump’s aim may well be to appeal to union workers, a essential voting block for President Biden and the Democratic Celebration. Nevertheless, Fain emphasized that the message of the UAW straight contradicts who Trump is and what he represents.

Historically, union workers have been a essential element of the Democratic base. Nonetheless, polling information from the final presidential election suggests a possible shift in their voting allegiances. Even though Biden received majority assistance from union households, Trump won the assistance of workers with significantly less than a college degree in each 2016 and 2020. Fain has however to endorse Biden, stating that endorsements should be earned and members need to have to see concrete actions rather than mere words from the president.

Fain’s choice not to endorse Biden stems from issues about the effect of federal electric car (EV) policies on workers. The Biden administration has been advocating for a transition to EVs, which could outcome in fewer job possibilities for workers in the automotive market. The concern is how this shift could influence workers’ employment and wages.

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