November 30, 2023 10:48 am

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently expressed concerns about the age of those seeking or currently holding the presidency, citing his own youth as an example. Meanwhile, a note released by Donald Trump’s campaign on Monday from his doctor, Dr. Bruce Aronwald, stated that Trump is in excellent health and his cognitive exams were exceptional. This comes after Trump’s recent verbal slips brought his age to the forefront.

Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump’s former personal physician, also released a similar letter in 2015. However, Aronwald’s letter described Trump’s health as entirely positive but failed to include specific details such as the tests taken or the results. This letter contains vague claims about Trump’s health compared to medical statements about his health shared in the past.

During his tenure in the White House, Trump received a glowing bill of health from Dr. Ronny Jackson. Jackson praised Trump’s “good genes,” his “excellent” cardiac health, and how he did “exceedingly well” on his cognitive test. However, it was not mentioned if any other tests were taken or their results shared with the public.

Aronwald also donated to Chris Christie’s 2015 presidential campaign according to FEC filings which could create skepticism about the note he provided on behalf of Donald trump’s current health status.

Overall, while there have been various medical statements and assessments about Trump’s health throughout his career and presidency, this latest note from Dr. Aronwald provides limited information and may not provide enough transparency for some concerned citizens or voters to make informed decisions about their vote for president this upcoming election year 2022

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