May 21, 2024 1:54 pm
Donald Trump Introduces Truth Social Network to Stock Market, Joins Top 500 Richest People Worldwide

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Former US President Donald Trump has launched his social network, Truth, on the stock exchange. The company managing the social network merged with a SPAC company, allowing Trump to own about 60% of Digital World Acquisition Corp. The company was worth $5.5 billion after the first day of trading, increasing Trump’s personal capital to $8.5 billion and ranking him 420th on Bloomberg’s list of the richest people on the planet.

Trump cannot sell his shares in the first six months but can use them as collateral to obtain loans. This move comes as Trump is waging a new fight for the presidency and facing several lawsuits.

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Trump’s decision to launch his social network may be seen as an attempt to increase his influence and reach out to his supporters. With over 74 million followers on Twitter alone, he has a massive audience that he can leverage for political gain or even commercial purposes.

However, this move also raises concerns about Trump’s ability to manage multiple businesses while serving as president. It remains unclear how much time he will spend managing Truth or if he will delegate most of it to others.

Overall, this development marks another chapter in Trump’s entrepreneurial journey and underscores his determination to succeed in various ventures beyond politics.

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