April 14, 2024 3:04 pm
Joel Embiid of the 76ers Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles After Injury: ‘It Was Depressing’

Embiid made a triumphant return to the court on Tuesday night, just eight weeks after undergoing knee surgery that had a profound impact on his mental health. Despite being in a rough state of mind, he is determined to get back to his love for basketball and play as much as possible.

Embiid’s injury was different from any he had experienced before, leaving him with feelings of depression. His absence from the team during his recovery resulted in a decline in performance, which saw the 76ers slip down the Eastern Conference rankings. However, since his return, Embiid has made an impressive comeback, contributing 24 points, six rebounds, seven assists and three steals in approximately 29 minutes of play. Although these numbers are strong for his first game back, Embiid is determined to regain his pre-injury form.

Before the injury, Embiid was playing at an MVP-caliber level and averaging impressive statistics through 34 games. However, since returning to the court, he has been focused on gradually improving his game and getting back to his dominant self. With just six games left in the regular season, Embiid is determined to help lead the 76ers towards building momentum heading into the postseason.

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