November 30, 2023 1:11 am

Philadelphia Department of Public Health Issues Statement for Transgender Day of Remembrance


The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has issued a statement to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance, which takes place on November 20th. The statement reads:

“Today, we solemnly reflect on the lives lost to violence against transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in our city. This year, at least 26 people have been tragically taken from us through means that have shattered their families and communities. We stand together in solidarity with those who are grieving and demand justice for these victims.”

Dr. Kathleen Brady, Director of the Division of HIV Health, emphasized the importance of this day. “We must recognize that these individuals were human beings with unique experiences and dreams that were cruelly cut short,” she said. “It is our responsibility to honor their memory by working tirelessly to address the systemic issues that continue to endanger the trans community.”

According to Dr. Brady, 88% of the victims were people of color, with 54% identified as Black transgender women. This alarming trend underscores the urgent need for greater awareness, understanding, and action to address the ongoing threats faced by the trans community.”

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