April 23, 2024 1:50 pm
Task Force on Employer Health Plans to Recommend National Enhancements

The Commonwealth Fund has established a task force comprising academics and former government officials to investigate ways to enhance employer-sponsored health insurance on a national level. This nonpartisan group will collaborate to develop recommendations that will serve as a blueprint for the future role of employers in the U.S. healthcare system, with a goal of improving health coverage and ensuring affordable care for the 157 million Americans who rely on such coverage.

The task force, chaired by Peter, will focus on identifying areas where changes could be made to improve the overall effectiveness and accessibility of employer-sponsored health insurance. By drawing on the expertise of experts in the field and leveraging the varied experiences of former government officials, the Commonwealth Fund aims to develop a comprehensive strategy for addressing the challenges faced by those who receive healthcare coverage through their employers.

With a deadline set for 2025, this initiative is dedicated to producing concrete proposals that will lead to a more efficient and equitable healthcare system for all Americans with employer-sponsored coverage. Through a combination of research, analysis, and expert input, the Commonwealth Fund hopes to drive meaningful change in the healthcare landscape and improve outcomes for everyone involved.

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