March 29, 2023 10:15 pm


To improve wellness co-advantages across urban policies which tackle air pollution and climate transform, WHO, in cooperation with different international, national, and nearby partners, implemented the Urban Overall health Initiative (UHI) pilot project in Accra, Ghana. The Initiative prompted the wellness sector to use its influential position to demonstrate to selection-makers and the public the complete variety of wellness, environmental and financial advantages that can be accomplished from implementing nearby emission reduction and power access policies and tactics. Policy tracking, though not constantly regarded as, is a basic element of this process. It assesses the preparing, implementation and progress of a policy to refine or adjust policies with the final objective of growing the likelihood of the policy getting effective. This report is an outcome of the final element of the UHI model method, Policy tracking and monitoring outcomes. The report proposes a framework for tracking urban wellness policies, with a particular concentrate on the impacts of air excellent and power access on human wellness and properly-getting in African nations, providing some examples from the pilot project in Accra. The report also supplies sources to survey air excellent in cities and other tools to assess public wellness and the environmental impacts of urban policies and monitor or track their effects.

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