June 10, 2023 1:31 am

Modesto Region Partners in Science, MAPS, is placing on its subsequent presentation on Friday, March 24. Featuring guest speaker Dr. Jeanette Pirlo, the ‘Stompin’ Via the Marshes: A Appear at Gomphotheres from North-Central Florida’ plan will be hosted on the Modesto Junior College West Campus in Sierra Hall 132 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Most folks know about mammoths, but have you heard about the 4-tusked elephant-relative, the Gomphothere? For the duration of Dr. Pirlo’s speak, we’ll examine a new five.six-million-year-old website in Florida with more than 40 person gomphotheres ranging from newborns, all the way to extremely old folks. We’ll talk about their diet program, compared to the diet program of the other herbivores that shared the gomphothere’s habitat, and the structure of the population as effectively as prospective competitive interactions with the rhinoceros, Teleoceras. Come and envision what it was like stompin’ by way of the marshes with the Gomphotheres.

Dr. Pirlo is a new Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology at CSU Stanislaus. Her analysis focuses on extinct megaherbivore ecology of the American continents and the reconstruction of paleoecosystems.

Coming up subsequent month, set for Friday, April 14, Joe Medeiros will be the guest speaker for the MAPS plan. Medeiros taught college botany and ecology at MJC and Sierra College and was the 1st Excellent Valley Museum Director.

His plan is titled: ‘Blow Your Thoughts Botany: or Phytophilia.’ He will assessment how humans are one hundred % dependent upon plants. He will evaluate our 5 senses to the 20 of plants and share current analysis demonstrating sophisticated plant communications (inside their personal and among other species) and how they mutualistically companion with all other living groups to actually direct ecological stability inside all sunlight-driven ecosystems.

MAPS is grateful to MJC, the MJC Foundation, Stanislaus County Workplace of Education, the MTA Modesto Teachers Association, the Excellent Valley Museum, and the Stanislaus County Library for assistance.

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