October 1, 2023 9:06 pm
three Vital Guidelines for Succeeding in a Video Production Business enterprise
3 Crucial Tips for Succeeding in a Video Production Business


If you have a video production enterprise or are interested in beginning a single, scaling can be as difficult as acquiring began. In this informative video by Lizzie Peirce, she shares 3 beneficial strategies to strengthen and elevate your business.

A single of the strategies Lizzie discusses is primarily based on a private knowledge I had with a buddy who owns a effective modest enterprise. He wanted to build a promoting video that showcased his perform, his premises, and integrated some speaking-head shots exactly where he could clarify what his business does and who it serves. Despite the fact that it seemed like a simple request, he wanted the video to have higher production worth. At the time, I couldn’t take on the project, so he reached out to a suggested neighborhood video production business.

The day of the shoot went smoothly, and even even though my buddy hadn’t noticed the final outcomes, he was happy. Even so, as weeks went by, the promised videos have been not delivered. Soon after months of arguing, my buddy rightfully demanded a refund. The videographer initially lied and later claimed that he had accidentally deleted the files, creating it not possible for him to provide them. As video experts, we know that you under no circumstances delete files just after a shoot, regardless of effective delivery. It became apparent that the videographer failed to back up or shop the project files and didn’t know how to deal with the circumstance when they have been lost.

This story highlights the value of taking storage seriously. Cloud storage is an inexpensive option, whereas blunders of this magnitude can have considerable consequences. By investing in trusted storage choices, you can safeguard your clients’ projects and keep away from such mishaps.


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