December 1, 2023 9:45 am

The 2023 Academic All-District® Men’s Soccer Teams for NCAA Division I have recognized two Summit League men’s soccer programs for their outstanding student-athletes. St. Thomas had two selections, while Denver had one. These honorees are Jason Belloli from Denver and Keegan James and Wes Lorrens from St. Thomas.

This recognition highlights the academic success of these student-athletes in addition to their athletic achievements, showcasing their commitment to excellence on and off the field. Their dedication to both academics and sports has paid off, as they have demonstrated an impressive ability to balance the demands of being a student-athlete while excelling in both areas.

These outstanding individuals are a testament to the high standards set by The Summit League and its member institutions. They have shown that it is possible to succeed in both sports and academics, highlighting the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving one’s goals. Congratulations to these deserving athletes for their well-earned recognition!

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