October 2, 2023 8:15 am
The Top rated five Most Unconventional Technologies Patents Ever Submitted

Have you ever knowledgeable the discomfort of your footwear becoming unbearably hot although jogging on a scorching day? To combat this problem, contemporary operating footwear have been particularly made to avert sweat construct-up and improve breathability, decreasing the threat of athlete’s foot. On the other hand, what if there was a far more unconventional option – like attaching a completely functioning air conditioner to your footwear?

In 1993, Israel Siegel filed a patent that proposed a exclusive notion: a gravity-powered air conditioning program integrated into footwear. This ingenious style entails attaching a series of pumps and compressors onto an typical sneaker. Further air tubes are strategically placed inside the shoe’s interior, enabling for a continuous flow of air with every single step taken. The outcome? A refreshing breeze that cools your feet as you stroll or run. But that is not all – the style even contains heating coils, enabling you to warm up your feet in the course of chilly climate.

A single can only hope that this revolutionary shoe is influence-resistant. Just after all, it would be very counterproductive if it set your feet on fire although attempting to cool them down.

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