April 20, 2024 4:45 am
How war has impacted science in Ukraine

The bombing of Ukrainian cities has resulted in significant damage to scientific institutions, with over one-third being destroyed or damaged. Unfortunately, this conflict has also led to the loss of life among Ukrainian scientists. To cope with the displacement of many researchers and university teachers, a third of the workforce has shifted to remote work. However, the shrinking budget for scientific research has forced cuts in staff salaries, part-time work, and even suspension of employment, negatively impacting productivity in the field of science.

Recently, a study conducted by UNESCO in March 2024 shed light on the extent of the damage to Ukraine’s science sector and its consequences over the past two years. This study was carried out by the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and serves as a vital first step in developing an emergency recovery plan for Ukraine’s public science sector.

The study highlights how devastating the war has been on Ukraine’s scientific community, emphasizing the urgent need for support and resources to rebuild and revitalize the sector. It is clear that concerted efforts are required to mitigate the damage caused and ensure that science continues to advance in Ukraine.

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