October 2, 2023 5:31 am
The Next Generation: Exploring the Future of Final-Mile Technology

The advancement of technology in support of final-mile delivery is progressing rapidly. Mike Powell, the chief technology officer of SEKO Logistics, discusses the evolution of this technology and gives insight into its future.

Powell explains that technology for optimizing final-mile delivery involves a combination of different elements to streamline the customer experience and reduce friction. It is essential to start with the actual delivery and work backward, setting clear expectations throughout the entire journey.

Contrary to popular belief, the desires of e-commerce shoppers extend beyond just fast and cheap delivery. Powell emphasizes that it’s more complex than that. Some orders, such as mattresses, prioritize the quality of a “white-glove” experience over speedy delivery. This includes services like simultaneous haulaway and having the right personnel on site.

Final-mile technology is not a single application. It encompasses multiple systems that need to integrate seamlessly to optimize the final-mile delivery experience. This includes order receipt, physical delivery, exception management, customer communication, and visibility into the entire process. Powell stresses the importance of optimizing data to create the best routes and most efficient ways of delivering products to consumers.

The level of shipment visibility desired by customers can vary, from knowing the fixed delivery date to tracking the exact location of the delivery truck. Powell acknowledges the evolving nature of the retail industry and emphasizes the need to merge e-commerce with traditional store activities to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

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