May 22, 2024 6:46 pm
ARPA-H pursues candidates for HEROES program to enhance community well-being.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-H) has recently launched a draft solicitation for the Health Care Rewards to Achieve Improved Outcomes (HEROES) program. This innovative initiative aims to introduce a new payment model that motivates community-based interventions to enhance health outcomes in a specific geographic area.

ARPA-H is set to publish the final solicitation by April 22, with interested applicants required to submit abstracts by June 17. Under the proposed model, participating non-profit organizations, consortiums, and other entities will receive direct payments to address targeted health issues in their communities.

The HEROES program seeks to promote collaborative efforts among healthcare providers and community stakeholders to improve health outcomes in underserved areas. To learn more about this exciting opportunity, individuals can register for webinars scheduled for March 26 or April 2. These events will provide further insight into the program’s objectives and application process.

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