March 4, 2024 12:30 pm
Chiefs narrow the gap to 10-3 against before halftime: Super Bowl LVIII live updates and scores

As the game between the 49ers and Chiefs reached its halfway point, it was clear that both teams were playing with a strong defensive mindset. The 49ers led 10-3, with neither team having scored many points yet.

One of the most memorable moments of the game took place at 8:33a ET, when Patrick Mahomes showed his experience in high-pressure situations. At this point, the halftime score was still close, with the 49ers leading by just three points.

Another significant moment came at 7:52a ET when the 49ers locked down on the Chiefs, showcasing their impressive defensive skills. This moment was made even more exciting by a trick play touchdown that added some energy to the game.

The live coverage of the game began at 4:31p ET and set the stage for what has turned out to be a defensive showdown between these two talented teams. Throughout the game, there were multiple intriguing moments that kept viewers engaged, including heated emotions from Travis Kelce at 7:37a ET and a strong start from Brock Purdy at 7:25a ET.

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