May 22, 2024 5:46 pm
Woman allegedly held captive and raped in her Virginia business, according to police – NBC4 Washington

A man from Northern Virginia, Kevin Lopez-Altan, 24, of Annandale, was arrested last week for committing a heinous act that involved raping a woman inside her business and then attempting to sexually assault a student on a college campus the next day. The incident was reported by Fairfax County police.

Lopez-Altan had arrived at the Annandale business before it opened and held the 59-year-old woman captive. Despite her attempts to escape, he forced his way inside and attacked her repeatedly for several hours. However, the victim managed to escape and call the police, even though Lopez-Altan had fled the scene. Police found evidence linking him to the crime, including fingerprints.

After investigating and identifying Lopez-Altan as a suspect, Fairfax County police learned that he was also wanted by the Northern Virginia Community College Police Department in connection with an attack on a student. The 20-year-old woman had managed to fight off her attacker with the help of a passerby. A campus police officer recognized Lopez-Altan based on tattoos and his distinct way of rubbing his fingers, confirming that he was involved in both incidents.

Lopez-Altan was arrested at Heritage Center in Annandale on Friday afternoon after being identified by police officers who recognized him as someone who frequented various shopping centers in the area. Authorities are concerned about other victims who may not have reported their experiences with Lopez-Altan since he is facing ten felony charges, including three counts of rape, three counts of forcible sodomy, and abduction with intent to defile. He is currently being held without bond while awaiting trial.

The incident involving Lopez-Altan highlights how dangerous it can be for women to be alone in public spaces at night or during times when they are vulnerable due to lack of witnesses or security measures in place. It is crucial that authorities take swift action against individuals who engage in such criminal activities to ensure public safety and prevent further harm from occurring.

Furthermore, survivors of sexual assault must have access to resources such as counseling services and support groups that can help them cope with their traumatic experiences. It is essential that society continues to work towards ending gender violence and creating safer communities for everyone.

In conclusion, Lopez-Altan’s actions were reprehensible and put innocent lives at risk. His arrest marks a positive step towards justice for those affected by his crimes but also serves as a reminder that there is still much work to be done in preventing such incidents from occurring again in the future.

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