May 19, 2024 11:48 pm
Elderly Billings couple staying active with their basket-weaving business

Jill and Paul Scarpari have been creating handmade baskets for over 25 years. Their love for this craft began in the early ’90s when they started accumulating a large number of baskets. It wasn’t long before they decided to turn their hobby into a business.

Jill was introduced to basket-making in 1991, and she was immediately hooked on the craft. Meanwhile, her husband Paul tried his hand at it in 1995 and found it challenging but rewarding. Over time, their skills improved, and they became more confident in their abilities.

Their baskets range from simple designs that can hold their shape to intricate pieces that stand on their own. However, after some time, their family grew tired of receiving baskets as gifts and prompted them to start selling their creations. Today, Scarpari Baskets can be found in local stores and galleries throughout the area.

Paul finds basket-making to be mentally stimulating as it challenges him to come up with new designs constantly. He enjoys the process of creating something unique with his hands and finds it fulfilling to have a hobby that keeps him busy during retirement. Jill agrees and says that she loves the feeling of satisfaction she gets from finishing a project that she put so much effort into.

Their baskets are available for purchase at Frae in Shiloh Commons and Three Rivers Gallery in Big Timber, with prices ranging from $20 to $300. For Jill and Paul Scarpari, basket-making is more than just a business; it’s a way of life that brings them joy and fulfillment while also benefiting their community.

In conclusion, Jill and Paul Scarpari have turned their passion for basket-making into a thriving business that has become an integral part of their lives during retirement. Their dedication to perfecting this craft has resulted in stunning pieces that are both functional and beautiful. If you’re looking for unique handmade gifts or simply want to support local artisans, don’t miss out on visiting Frae or Three Rivers Gallery today!

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