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10 Amazing Real-World Examples Of How Companies Are Using ChatGPT In 2023

It is fair to say that the conversational generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool ChatGPT has taken the planet by storm. Just a couple of months right after it was released, it had reportedly turn out to be the quickest-developing app of all time. And now, hardly a day goes previous devoid of news that a big organization is applying it (or comparable tools) to redefine and rethink the way they perform – frequently with phenomenal outcomes.

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ChatGPT clearly has substantial implications for quite a few unique industries and professions. Though it may perhaps make some current job functions redundant, it will build quite a few new ones. Its largest effect, even though, is that it enables quite a few of us to “work smarter” by augmenting our current expertise and skills with super-powered AI help. Some organizations are currently applying it to build new solutions for prospects, whilst other individuals are applying it to drive efficiency in their personal internal operations. So, here’s a rundown of some of the most vital and impactful use circumstances so far:


Expedia – 1 of the world’s most well known travel organizing web-sites and apps – has integrated conversational AI help into its solutions. This indicates that rather than looking for flights, hotels, or destinations, prospects can program their vacations as if they are chatting with a friendly, knowledgeable travel agent. Furthermore, the app automatically creates clever lists of the hotels and attractions that the buyer is interested in to help with organizing.


Microsoft is a extended-time champion of ChatGPT and a big investor it OpenAI, the organization that designed it. The massive language models (LLMs) that energy the ChatGPT chatbot – GPT-three and GPT-four – now energy its Bing search engine, permitting customers to search and acquire outcomes by means of a conversational interface rather than the conventional list of net hyperlinks. Microsoft is also moving forward with plans to integrate the technologies across its variety of household-name application solutions like Word and Excel. It also makes use of Codex – a modified GPT-three specializing in producing laptop code – to present auto-total coding recommendations by means of GitHub Co-Pilot.


Language education specialists Duolingo has released two new capabilities powered by GPT-four, the most effective of ChatGPT creator OpenAI’s LLMs. Duolingo Max enables language students to get an in-depth explanation of why their answer to a practice or test query was right or incorrect, delivered in all-natural language, just like they would from a human tutor. The other function permits students to practice their language expertise by roleplaying with AI personas – such as ordering drinks from a barista in a Parisian café. The personas have their personal one of a kind personalities and backstories that customers can study about as they interact with them.

Coca Cola

The soft drinks giant has formed a partnership with consultants Bain &amp Business, with the aim of applying ChatGPT to help with advertising and producing customized buyer experiences. According to a press release, it plans to use the technologies, along with the generative image tool Dall-E, to craft customized ad copy, photos, and messaging.

Snap Inc

The creators of the well known Snapchat social messaging application have constructed conversational AI into their solution. The bot, referred to as My AI, seems as a typical get in touch with in the user’s list of pals and can be referred to as up for a chat at any time to assistance with answering inquiries or basically for entertainment. Snapchat’s recommended makes use of involve “offering tips on the great present for your BFF’s birthday, assisting program a hiking trip for a extended weekend, or suggesting what to make for dinner.”


Collaborative workspace platform Slack has designed an app permitting its customers to leverage the energy of ChatGPT to assistance with managing workflows, boosting productivity, and communicating with colleagues. Customers of the plugin have an assistant on-hand at all instances to answer inquiries and present recommendations on the most effective way to move forward with the projects they’re operating on.

Octopus Power

UK-primarily based power supplier Octopus Power has constructed ChatGPT into its buyer service channels and says that it is now accountable for handling 44 % of buyer inquiries. Business boss Greg Jackson has stated the app now does the perform of 250 folks and receives greater buyer satisfaction ratings than human buyer service agents.


This educational platform utilized by college students to help with assignments has announced a new service referred to as Cheggmate, powered by GPT-four. Previously the company’s small business model involved students paying to have inquiries answered by human specialists. Soon after its stock fell in worth by 40 % when CEO Dan Rosensweig announced the company’s development was getting impacted by the emergence of ChatGPT, it rapidly place with each other plans to make it into its solutions.


Computer software organization Freshworks says that its coders have lowered the time it requires to build complicated application applications from ten weeks down to much less than a week. As effectively as written human language, ChatGPT can build code in a quantity of broadly-utilized programming languages, such as C++, Python, and Javascript. It also acts as a coding tutor, explaining how the code that it creates operates and can debug code designed by itself or any individual else when it does not perform properly.


On-line course provider Udacity has utilized GPT-four to build an intelligent virtual tutor that can present customized guidance and feedback to students. It is created to assistance them to perform by means of hard troubles by providing detailed explanations that can be customized to the person learner. It can also summarize ideas and clarify technical jargon, as effectively as translate when a course could not be taught in a learner’s native language.

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