November 30, 2023 10:18 am

As I walked out of the door, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. The American author, announcer and relationship coach, Nicole Rogers, had finally made the decision to leave her husband after 15 years of marriage. She had tried everything to save the relationship – calling his family and loved ones, going to couples therapy, and even telling her lover and her affair partner to never speak to him again.

But nothing seemed to work. Her husband had told her that he no longer loved her and didn’t want to be married anymore. He also said he didn’t want to have kids. Rogers was devastated, but she knew she had to move on.

As she sat in her car, she couldn’t help but think about all the years they had spent together. They had been through so much – good times and bad – but in the end, their love had faded away.

Rogers knew it was time for a change. She pulled out her phone and started scrolling through dating apps, looking for someone new. But as she swiped through profiles, she couldn’t shake the feeling of tension and exhaustion that lingered in her body.

It was then that she realized something important: feelings of tension and exhaustion were actually just “holy” incentives to look for them elsewhere. Her body was trying to tell her that it was time for a change – that it was time to find someone who could truly make her happy.

Rogers took a deep breath and closed her eyes, imagining herself with someone who would say “yes” to her dreams of success, a loving family, and constant growth. She felt a surge of relaxation wash over her body – something she hadn’t felt in years.

She knew it wouldn’t be easy – leaving behind a long-term relationship is never easy – but she was ready for what came next. As she drove off into the sunset, Rogers felt more alive than ever before.

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