February 24, 2024 1:14 pm
Jon Stewart Returns to Speak Truth About Biden’s Age

Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show” and on his first day back, he spent much of his monologue talking about President Joe Biden’s age. His criticism was made more striking by the fact that Stewart is popular with liberal voters.

In his first monologue, Stewart discussed the deeply unflattering special counsel report that called Biden’s memory into question, making the age of both Biden and former President Donald Trump a hot topic once again. He expressed skepticism about the praise Biden’s allies gave him after the special counsel’s report, particularly Vice President Kamala Harris’ characterization of Biden as being “sharp and full of energy” and in control. He questioned the lack of visual evidence to support these claims, suggesting the importance of showing these aspects of Biden in addition to the TikTok videos.

Stewart also emphasized that the scrutiny on Biden should not be lessened due to the stakes of the election, but rather he should be more subject to scrutiny. He clarified that while Biden might have “lost a step,” Trump’s behaviors at rallies would warrant a “wellness check.”

Stewart took time to outline Trump’s many problems, including his legal issues. He stressed that Biden should be held to a higher standard, as the opponent of someone with such significant legal troubles. This caused some observers to accuse Stewart of equating the aging president with his opponent, but he did point out the ways in which Biden was not like Trump.

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