November 30, 2023 10:12 am

The CFDT-Cheminots and Unsa-Ferroviaire have both declared their intention to sign the proposed agreement by the SNCF to increase salaries in 2024. The railway group has proposed a salary increase of 4.6% on average for the year 2024, including a 1.8% general increase. Additionally, the company has committed to increasing low wages so that none of them is lower than 1.1 minimum wage and a value-sharing bonus of 400 euros to be paid to the group’s more than 140,000 railway workers.

The CFDT-Cheminots announced in a press release that they have consulted with members and management structures before reaching their decision to sign the agreement. Unsa-Ferroviaire also stated that they would join forces with CFDT-Cheminots to sign the agreement. These two unions make up around 42.67% of the votes, while SUD-Rail and CGT-Cheminots have just over 57%.

SUD-Rail has already made it clear that they are opposed to the proposed agreement and will build a powerful mobilization against it. They called on SNCF management to reopen negotiations due to what they consider weak proposals, arguing that they are indecent and contemptuous in light of past salary disputes with the SNCF.

The unions have until November 22th evening to sign or reject this proposed agreement by SNCF management without a majority vote, which means only part of it may be applied if there is no consensus reached among all parties involved in this matter so far last year only CFDT Cheminots signed it but despite not having majority vote SNCF applied planned measures anyways

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