April 22, 2024 12:24 am
Chicago chef honors 7 World Central Kitchen workers killed in Gaza as heroes

In the aftermath of a tragic accident, a Chicago chef paid tribute to seven brave World Central Kitchen workers who were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. Despite coordinating their movements with the Israeli Defense Forces, the humanitarian group was hit and killed by Israeli fire.

World Central Kitchen is known for its work in conflict zones, famine areas, and regions of unrest. The organization had been providing aid to those in need for years. Among the fallen workers was Zomi Francom from Australia, who had been involved in providing food to the same group that Chicago chef Tony Priolo had worked with during the war in Ukraine.

Priolo expressed his deep sadness at the loss of life, considering the workers to be heroes for their selfless dedication. He also expressed his willingness to volunteer in Gaza if given the opportunity, highlighting the chefs’ commitment to cooking and feeding people.

The founder of World Central Kitchen, celebrity chef José Andrés, referred to the workers who died as his “sisters and brothers” and “angels,” emphasizing the impact of their work in providing aid to those in need. Andrés has been working tirelessly to provide aid to those affected by conflicts around the world for years.

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