May 22, 2024 6:07 pm
Exploring Prediabetes: A Look Inside Your Health – 5 Eyewitness News

Approximately 1.5 million Minnesotans have pre-diabetes, but only one in four are aware of their condition. This is a concerning statistic, as getting diagnosed with pre-diabetes allows individuals to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes. In order to gain more insight on this topic, we had a conversation with KSTP health expert Dr. Archelle Georgiou.

According to Dr. Georgiou, being aware of pre-diabetes is crucial because it provides an opportunity for individuals to make lifestyle changes that can significantly impact their health. By recognizing the signs of pre-diabetes early on, individuals can work towards preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes.

One important aspect of managing pre-diabetes is regular screenings and check-ups with healthcare providers to monitor blood sugar levels and assess the risk of developing diabetes. This information can help individuals make informed decisions about their health and take control of their future well-being.

Dr. Georgiou emphasized that education about pre-diabetes and its implications is essential for overall well-being. By understanding the potential consequences of not managing pre-diabetes effectively, individuals can make changes in their lifestyle and prioritize preventative measures to improve their long-term health outcomes.

In conclusion, it’s important for those who suspect they may have pre-diabetes to seek guidance from healthcare professionals and prioritize preventative measures such as regular screenings and lifestyle modifications. By taking control of their health early on, individuals can reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes and improve their long-term well-being.

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