April 22, 2024 1:15 am
Ran Carthon reveals: Calvin Ridley pursuit initially deemed a “pipe dream”

Titans fans were shocked to hear that wide receiver Calvin Ridley had decided to sign with their team, leaving many wondering why he chose them over the Jaguars and Patriots, who were thought to be the frontrunners for his services. Even General Manager Ran Carthon was taken aback by how things unfolded.

According to Carthon, the team’s initial plan to acquire Ridley was nothing more than a pipe dream due to budget constraints. However, after a few Titans players left for other teams in the opening hours of free agency, Carthon, president of football operations Chad Brinker, and head coach Brian Callahan began discussing the possibility of making a push for the wide receiver.

After some contemplation, the team decided to go all-in on acquiring Ridley the next morning. The swiftness of the deal was evident when team owner Amy Adams Strunk called Carthon to confirm if it had been finalized while he was on another call with Ridley congratulating him on the agreement.

Carthon attributed the success of the deal to the strong teamwork within the Titans organization and expressed optimism that it would lead to a successful season under Callahan’s leadership.

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