October 2, 2023 5:38 am
Session on Producing Informed Choices about Solar Radiation Modification at UNGA Science Summit

As efforts to attain the targets set out in the Paris Agreement develop into extra difficult, there is increasing interest in exploring solar radiation modification (SRM) as a way to temporarily limit worldwide warming. SRM includes reflecting sunlight back into space in order to mitigate some of the dangers linked with exceeding temperature targets. Having said that, the subject of SRM is extremely controversial inside the realm of climate policy.

The selection of whether or not or not to analysis, create, and eventually deploy SRM raises a quantity of inquiries associated to prospective added benefits and dangers, some of which are recognized and other individuals which stay uncertain. In order to properly handle the emerging dangers linked with exceeding the targeted 1.5°C warming threshold, it may well be required to establish a committed and formal governance framework. This framework would facilitate a extensive understanding of the dangers and added benefits linked with SRM, as effectively as address any gaps in governance associated to its prospective deployment, with out biasing future choices.

The goal of this session is to determine the gaps that at present exist in producing effectively-informed choices relating to SRM, and to discover attainable strategies to fill in these gaps from a variety of perspectives, with unique emphasis on ethical considerations. The preferred outcomes of this session incorporate: escalating awareness and engagement amongst different stakeholders relating to the understanding gaps, analytical gaps, gaps in stakeholder engagement, and institutional gaps surrounding SRM governance identifying prospective places of collaboration amongst unique actors in order to market studying and capacity developing in international SRM governance and identifying prospective pathways for strengthening the international governance framework surrounding SRM. By addressing these challenges, it is hoped that a extra informed and ethical strategy can be taken when taking into consideration the use of SRM as a response to climate modify.

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