December 1, 2023 10:20 am

England’s draw against North Macedonia last night was not significant to them as they had already secured their place in the European Championship long ago. Despite losing only four points in the qualifiers, they are looking confident and optimistic ahead of the competition.

With the Euro just around the corner, English media has already started predicting which teams they would want to be grouped with and which ones they would avoid at all costs. SkySports has recently published a list of potential groups for England’s national team, including Albania, Slovenia, and Serbia.

While these groups have not been finalized yet, it is important to note that Denmark, Netherlands, and Croatia could also be potential opponents for England. However, according to SkySports, Croatia would be a challenging draw for them if they were to win Denmark and the Netherlands in their group stage matches. This is because Croatia was in their group at the last European Championship and defeated England 1-0. If Croatia were to beat Armenia tonight and go through additional qualifications, there is a possibility that they could finish in the fourth strong group.

Ultimately, everything will depend on how well each team performs during the remaining qualifiers leading up to December 2nd when the draw for the European Championship will take place.

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