April 14, 2024 1:55 pm
Business Campus land sale proposal under consideration by Wausau committee

On Wednesday, the Economic Development Committee of Wausau will gather to discuss the potential sale of 6 acres of city-owned land at the Business Campus to Green Tree Construction. The property, located on the east side of 72nd Avenue and surrounded by wetlands, has been deemed undevelopable by city officials.

As a result, approximately 2.9 acres of the land will be given for free to Green Tree Construction, generating additional tax revenue for Wausua once it is added to the tax roll. The remaining 3.1 acres are priced at $38,750 based on the standard per acre price of $12,500 for the Business Campus. This price includes the value of the wetlands on the property.

Randy Fifrick, Economic Development Manager for Wausau, explained that selling this land for residential development will provide much-needed housing while generating tax revenue for the city. The Green Tree Meadows subdivision was approved by the Wausau City Council in March after receiving approvals from both the Capital Improvements and Street Maintenance Committee and the Plan Commission in February. This residential development will be an extension of previously approved single-family homes in

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