February 23, 2024 12:46 am
Pittsburgh to Host Visit from Treasury Secretary to Discuss Health Care and Small Businesses – WPXI

On Tuesday, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen will visit Pittsburgh to emphasize the Biden Administration’s initiatives to reduce healthcare expenses and bolster small businesses. During her visit, Yellen will tour the Skin Cancer Center at Allegheny Health Network West Penn Hospital in Bloomfield and participate in a roundtable discussion on the intersection of health care and the economy. Additionally, she will give a speech on the administration’s economic plan.

Yellen will be accompanied by Congresswoman Summer Lee, as well as various physicians and officials from Allegheny Health Network and its parent company, Highmark Health. This visit is an opportunity for Yellen to showcase the administration’s commitment to addressing health care costs and supporting small businesses.

Throughout her trip, Yellen will highlight how the Biden administration is working to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for Americans while also supporting small businesses that create jobs and drive economic growth. She will also discuss how these efforts are essential for building a stronger and more resilient economy in Pittsburgh and across the country.

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